søndag 30. mai 2010

I am blogging my way through my road to my dreams!

Ok, so i could not resist it, i have to have a blog of my own!
I can not promise to blog often, but i will give you something to read about!

I will write about our journey to reach our dream to becoming parents! We started the journey for 12 years ago 17 of may 1998 we startet to dream about a baby and we have been trying since that! And now finally things are going our way!
We are 15 weeks and 4 days pregnat with a baby in India which a lovely Surrogate is carring for us! I will write more about our journey later.

Today is it the last day of may and the summer is coming to the nothern part of Europe! I am so looking forward to summer and sunny days!
Yesterday Norway hosted the Eurovison songcontest 2010, and we had ticktet to the Show a really experience of a lifetime! Norway was the host this year because we won last year whit the lovely boy Aleksander Rybak with the lovely song Fairytale this is well worth a sigth.
Just now we are going on a concert with AC/DC, i will write more soon!
Have a nice sunday.