torsdag 3. juni 2010

Four Month!

Yesterday we went to our 16 weeks, we're now four months pregnant! Where did the past 4 weeks go?

currently we are very busy at work , so when we finally are at home we fell together on the couch and relax, something we certainly do not have the time to do! We have so much to be cleaned, painted and arranged before the baby comes in the fall!
We have been without a car for a while because we do not agree to what car we should buy, my husband want to have a BMW, while I will he a VW. Because we can not agree we bought the least child-friendly car we found a little convertible! Then we are forced to buy another car during the fall and I expect that we finally agree. I'll try to post pictures of the car during the weekend, if I manage do it!

On Tuesday we got a new scan from India and everything looks very good, the baby is 12.5 cm and weighs 140g a fairly bold baby (like its mother). We have also requested some pictures of our surrogate, preferably belly pictures. We did not get pictures of the belly, but a couple of beautiful pictures of her and she was so round and pretty! Dr. Shivani has asked her to eat less, because she does not want her to be so big.
I will also try to enter the scan at this weekend, but I do not know how I do it jet!
My housband are at work in Dubai, so this weekend i will go down south in Norway to visit my parents!
Take care everybody and have a lovely weekend!