tirsdag 17. august 2010

One summer is over autum is ready to take over

Hi everyone!

The summer is almost over here in Norway and autumn is on its way.

Generally I think the fall is long and heavy, the only thing i look forward to is Christmas in the end of it.

But this year it will be different this year will fall only bring joy and love at last we are going to have a child.

Imagine that I dare to say that now "we are going to have child".

I have not dared to think that this should be fine, but now I do


Right now we are redecorate the room as the baby will have, today we got the wallpaper that is light blue with white flowers. I will put out some photos when the room is finished.

On Sunday I had a brief chat with Dr. S and she could tell that our dear surrogate had put on some weigth an we are going to have a healthy chubby baby!
Best regards to all you out there