mandag 26. juli 2010

We are soon 6 months pregnant! WOW


Long time since I've been in here!

Wednesday, we are 6 months pregnant with a little hope in India!

I do think more and more about this little miracle in a belly far away from us.

A few weeks ago we bought a cot and playing grind for the little one  and I have to admit that I got a little panic and that things began to be true for me!

We have not bought much, but little has it been! I thought I would buy more, but do not feel like I can go all crazy buying stuff!

Things fall into place for us, we have decided for the pram, since we travel so much, we must have two prams one for home use and one for travel. We was in Germany for the holidays and there we found out we could get the prams for half the price in Norway, and we save a lot off money!
Today I was a little trip to some babyshops  here in Oslo and on the way there my hormones went crazy. I cried and sobbed, but everything was of joy, happiness and tenderness I feel for the lady on the other side of the earth that carries this small hope for us!
Imagine that someone do this for us and for us to experience the dream comes true and we will have a  child? I do not know how to thanks  this beautiful lady and her family? I want to give her everything I own and even more! I hope and believe that she knows how much this means to us, it is not easy to express feelings for a person you do not know and who do not speak the same language, we are eternally grateful for her!


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