mandag 25. oktober 2010

In place in Delhi!

Now we have been a few days in India and had lowered our shoulders a bit and bought what we need so now we just have to wait a couple of more days and the child will be with us! We have got the date and time so now we just have to be patience until our lives finally enters a new phase.

We are currently living in a hotel for a stiff price and if we will stay here for another 30-40 days it's going to cost money, but it is not easy to move to another location when you  know about such paradise .... We count our money and se what we got, purhaps we need to cut down on som christmaspresent and so.... We will however look at apartments today.

Yesterday I washed bottles and put things into a bag that we will bing to the hospital!

Gifts are purchased and shall be packed in a few days. It's amazing what we have with us ... ..

Updates will come  as soon we know more!

Stinemor in New Delhi

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  1. Nu måste det väl snart vara dags! Lycka till med allt...