tirsdag 28. september 2010

Less liquid!

Tomorrow we are 33 weeks, so now it's not long before we get to meet our little miracle!

Yesterday, we received notification from Laxmi who told us that our dear surrogate mother had less liquid!

I must say that I really sat morning coffee in the throat (well I do not drink coffee, but I was afraid).

I luckily got help from a friend explained that this could happen and that it generally went well and that I had to try to breathe in and breathe out .....

A whole hurricane of emotions appeared with panic. I cried  for over 4 hours yesterday with joy, panic, grief and loss the whole spectrum of emotions.

On top of it all is my husband in Dubai and I miss him so, I find it very hard that he is gone when we have so much to do here at home before we can welcome the baby in our home.

Since there is so little trip from Dubai to India, he has chosen to take a trip there tomorrow to see our beloved surrogate mother, and Dr. S and her team. I do not understand quite what he want to too there, we travel to New Delhi in less than 4 weeks! So if you see a handsome Norwegian man wandering about the corridors of the Phoenix then say hi and greet him from his wife in Norway!

Because of the incident yesterday and that babyeb is so big (it is already 2.2 kg), we choose to go down to New Delhi on October 21 istendfor October 27. I can not sit at home here in the north to wait I want down to the country where our baby is! I want down to greet the Surrogates and watch her belly and give her my smile and show my gratitude.
Stay put little one....

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  1. Hi. There is comfort in being at Phoenix even if he is just waiting. I'll keep my eyes out for him and say hello if we see him.
    Keep in mind that the new Indian tourist visas require 30 days between visits....so if he is planning to come and leave and come again, it could be problematic. I don't want to alarm you but just make sure you check your passport and visa documents in case your travel plans need to change. Good luck!!!

    And try not to worry. 33 weeks is excellent. All 3 of our kids were born in that range and they are doing splendidly, albeit small.

  2. Thank You Edward!

    I have told him about the the 30 or 60 days between visits, but he have a multi visum entrees and he says it is not that kind of rules then? Well i was warining him once more, so i have done everything i can :-(
    Best of luck with 3 babys at home, you are a godd and brave daddy!